Stir Crazy Sorbet

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve been under the weather. Last week I had sinus surgery, which while wickedly unpleasant, I’m hoping is helpful. But I’ve been couped up for days now. And I’ve learned a few things.

  1. I have a wonderful, supportive and very tolerant boyfriend
  2. If I had less self control, I’d eat raspberry sorbet for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  3. It takes all of my self control to not put pajamas back on after I’ve showered
  4. I will be covered with cat hair for the next month, regardless of how long I stay home, because the girls now follow me from room to room and fight over who gets the most space on my body
  5. It takes far less energy to watch episodes of bad TV on Hulu than it does to read a book – I only wish I have cable when I’m sick and housebound
  6. The human nose is disgusting – in a huge way

I need to get out more. Soon. I should also buy stock in Puffs Plus. I’m including a picture of Opal and Sophie because they’re just too cute – and sometimes they’re the only things I speak to in a day that breathe. 

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