Negligent. Absent. Inattentive.

These words describe more than my behavior here. It is everywhere. I had sinus surgery, and two weeks after caught a cold. I’m just now starting to feel a shade of normal.

I have not cleaned or cooked a real meal (last nights dinner was crackers and cheese) in a month. My plants have not been re-potted. I have not seen the majority of my friends. I have been to the office four times in as many weeks. My books and magazines are waiting to be read. My laundry has been done only with the help of others. And I am starting to lose it.

I want to do all of these things. I bought a new pot for my spider plant Monster weeks ago and he still lives in a pot a quarter of his size. I want to read and see my friends and play outside and do things! And I want to blog. About e-readers and things I’ve seen and a book my sister got me for my birthday and my new favorite mug and cameo rings. But it requires an attention span and focus and energy I can’t muster at the end of the day.

It’s a good thing I’m turning this coming long holiday weekend into a super long 5 day weekend. I’m escaping New England for a bit. Sun and sand and recuperation. I’ll bring my camera. And when I get back I’ll be rested and ready for Alphabetic Fate.

I’ll add vacation to the list of things to tell you about.

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