Creativity, Missing

I met with a former professor last night to catch up and have some face time. I was telling him about my recent birthday, the man I’ve been dating, some of my friends, my life in general, and I realized that I am surrounded by amazing and creative people. My friend(s) the writer, painter, illustrator, crafter…The list goes on. When speaking of my boyfriend the writer/actor/director/movie maker, I said to him “There is just so much creativity.” His response was simple and true and it got me thinking. “Creativity is important.”

As I was in bed reading the same sentence half a dozen times, I put my book down and focused on what my mind had been circling  all night. Some time in the last 5 or 6 years my creativity went missing. Or it went on vacation or is taking a seriously long nap or something. At one time I considered myself a creative person. I fancied myself a writer, too. One of my favorite (maybe my only) college experiences was a combined writing and modern dance project. A group of us each wrote a short piece which was read aloud as the rest of us danced choreographed pieces to the words. Setting motion to the written word, and seeing my words inhabit this completely different space was nothing short of amazing and beautiful. I think there is a recording of this kicking around.  Somewhere along the lines I stopped feeling the urge to move and write and create. I think its time to change that.

Clearly my weekly posts here aren’t doing it for me. So I think I’m going to go back to the basics. I will write a sentence every day and post them here each week. Some of them will be terrible. Some of them will be incomplete. Many won’t make a lick of sense. And once I’ve started, I have no idea what I’ll do with them all. But I have faith. Faith that my creativity will return, and that she will show me what to do.

2 thoughts on “Creativity, Missing

  1. Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes… and I bet you have been using it in the kitchen! 🙂

    Are you still able to dance? (I mean, was there some kind of injury that stopped you that I am forgetting/vaguely remembering, or did you decide it just wasn’t for you any more…?)

    Good luck with your creations… I think you still owe me scones in exchange for one of my as-yet-uncreated crafts as per a Facebook post of mine, no?

  2. I stopped dancing because of the physical wear and tear. I was told that ballroom dancing would be okay for me, though. And yes, J-A! I totally still owe you scones. I think we need to make this happen soon.

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