The Silence of the Morning

There is something about opening the library on a Saturday morning, something about being the only one there, if only for a little while. I get there just a little bit early so that I can be the one to bring the building to life.

It’s being able to take a deep breath before the day really gets going. It’s waking up the stacks and the reading room and the work spaces and Whisper the bunny in the Children’s Library. It is preparing for the events of the day which are never the same or what I expect.

I walk through the main floor in the semi-dark and find my way to the workroom. I put down my things, finish the last of my coffee. Computers get switched on, circulation starts warming up. Then the lights, one flip at a time, a metallic click from each breaker in the box. I put the flag out, empty the book drop from the night before.

I straighten  as I head downstairs to Children’s. The doors  unlock, lights flick on. And then, my favorite part. A good morning ritual with Whisper. Crouch low, face to the cage. A click of my tongue, palm up, and a soft “Good Morning.” Whisper hops towards me, nose to my palm, whiskers tickling a hello.

After that, the library is open.

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