Sleep to dream

I’m having trouble sleeping and I’m reading a terrible book. These are the things concerning me right now. Forget everything else.

I am a person that requires more sleep than most. I also am at my best when I have a fairly consistent schedule. But for the first time in a super long time I don’t really have to get up early in the morning. So I’m staying up late (past 11pm). Apparently, this is a terrible idea. I feel all fuzzy when I wake up and I’m having super vivid crazy dreams. Usually  I sleep so soundly that I don’t remember them. I’m not doing anything crazy before bed. Typically just a crossword and some reading. But this morning right before I woke up I dreamed that I was the protector of dogs. As in the rescuer of all dogs everywhere. I wasn’t a very effective one. I didn’t have anything to defend myself or the dogs from the (there was only one in this world) dognapper, and I had no cell phone or a way to let other people know I needed help. So I just started screaming like a banshee and my friend Christina showed up and used her cell to call for help. I don’t know why she couldn’t have fought the dognapper. She’s tough. And she was wearing neon sneakers. Where does this stuff come from? I need to stop staying up so late. It’s clearly affecting my ability to be prepared to defend all dogs everywhere at night.

And tonight I’m kind of dreading going to bed. Not because of the bizarre dreams, but because I’m reading a book that I don’t like at all. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. Once I start a book, I have to finish it.  I’m really killing myself this time, because I knew I wouldn’t like it before I started it. Why even read it the, you ask? Because it’s part of a series. Thankfully there are only three books, but since I read the first one I also have to read all three. I say that I “have” to read the book like my life depends on it. No, I’d live just fine if I didn’t read it. My heart would continue to pump blood through my veins. But I’d go nuts wondering how the terrible story ends, or what becomes of the irritating and grating main character. Which is where I am now. I dislike the main character and really wish I didn’t care what becomes of him. But I do. And it’s making me put off going to bed early like I know I should.

It’s only 10pm. Any guesses on what I’ll dream about tonight, if I ever get to sleep?

3 thoughts on “Sleep to dream

  1. I’m reading the Alexander McCall Smith series that starts with Portuguese Irregular Verbs. And yes. I’m an early to bed kind of girl. I aimed for midnight last night and was able to get up at a decent hour this morning (with help from hungry cats) without feeling like I’d been beat up in my sleep. Everyone is happier when I get good sleep. Ha.

  2. Next time you dream about a dognapper try to plunk Ripley in the middle of the dream, wearing a cape that says “SUPER RIP” on the back. His alter-dog can sniff out criminals, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and (most importantly) stop dognappers. I’ll give him a heads’ up.

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