Back at it – sort of


In early September I had hip surgery to fix some torn cartilage and clean up some bone spurs. It was rough. The recovery was long and the physical therapy is still happening. But in early January I got permission to start working out again, and to start practicing yoga so long as I was EXTREMELY careful with all of it. My internal mantra was “don’t be an asshole, don’t be an asshole, don’t push so hard you undo everything you just did.”

So I waited until February before joining an Instagram yoga challenge of a pose a day. I chose one with minimal deep bending and twisting, and was really really excited. At the end of the month, the goal was a back bend, but to drop back into it from standing. I did a pose a day, for a whole three days, before I got a ridiculous head cold flu deathlike thing, and was unable to work out, do PT, practice yoga and generally be human for a solid week. So now it’s back to basic PT, and then a little cardio, and then back to yoga. Everything in a progression so I don’t fuck myself up. Because I am not doing that whole hip surgery thing again.

I’ll try again in March.

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