Social distancing when I’m already depressed and anxious

I’m going to try to do a daily update here. I decided on Wednesday that after an appointment Thursday afternoon I’d be staying home for the foreseeable future. I’m not panicking, or overreacting if that was your first thought.

I catch everything. I had H1N1.  I have recurrent sinus problems. I have “seasonal asthma” even though my lungs are super healthy and I have no allergies. If you can think of a random illness, I’ve most likely had it. I was at a committee meeting not too long ago and someone brought up Cat Scratch Fever (it’s a real thing, promise).  I said “Oh, I had that!” The group looked at me and someone said “New party game! What weird illness has Steph had?” I also work with a close knit group of people that travel internationally frequently, and they have been up until a little over a week ago. So I’m doing this for me. But I’m also doing it because I believe in flattening the curve, and that our current government has botched containing COVID-19 and we’re in for a scary ride.

I am PRIVILEGED in this. I can work from home. I have no children. I have a partner who understands why I’m doing this, and he’s insanely supportive of me and all my health weirdness. My sister is a nurse and she’s talked to our aging parents about stocking up (reasonably!) and staying in. They actually listen to her, too! But I also suffer from depression and anxiety. And social distancing is going to be hard for everyone. So I’m trying to practice some healthy coping skills and create an outlet for myself early.  Maybe we’ll feel less alone this way.

As a librarian/information professional at heart, these are the sources I trust. As always, when reading the news and your social media, look for verification from at least two separate, independent sources.

World Health Organization
Washington Post – Coronavirus Coverage is free

One thought on “Social distancing when I’m already depressed and anxious

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate that expressing your thoughts so that others can read and react to your writing is scary. t least you are contacting the “world out” there. I pray that this helps correct the feelings of social isolation. Remember that your family loves you and wants the best for you.
    Rae Louise

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