A strangely normal Sunday

So this is day three for me, and it was much like a normal Sunday, except I fixed myself a cocktail around 4pm because why not? I’m not going anywhere.

I did laundry, finished a book, changed the sheets on the bed, baked banana bread and walked with the dog. It was cool today, but the sun was warm. We all need sun and fresh air – just 6 feet away from everyone else. I saw a lot of people walking today through the front windows and storm door. Watson loves to watch the neighborhood go by, and there was a lot for him to see today.

I’m tired, which is strange because I haven’t really left the house much, except to walk. I bet it’s the psychological and emotional tired that comes with stress and change and unprecedented times. So sun and fresh air, but let’s be gentle with ourselves and those at home with us.

None of us knows what the future will hold, but it’s scary to say the least. Let’s all just be a little gentle.

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