So I left the house today

IMG_1561Our pup Watson needed to have a procedure today, so my partner dropped him off at the vet this morning, and then went to the grocery store. We both went to the vet to pick him up this evening. He’s okay, but groggy from the anesthesia and tired, too. He’s wanting to be held all the time, and we’re really okay with that. There were only a handful of people in the vets waiting room, and I was nervous being there. But it’s a pretty sterile environment and I only touched the dog while we were there. They’re closing up tomorrow and offering door to door service for food and emergencies to protect their staff. I’m so relieved we could get Watson treated in the midst of this craziness.

I’m also currently having plain white rice for dinner, because my stomach is angry. I have one of those alphabet soup stomach illnesses, and it decided to flare up today. It’s probably stress related. Because even though I think I’m managing all of this well, my body is telling me otherwise. So my lesson for today is even when you’re using your coping mechanisms, eating well, drinking water, exercising and getting regular sleep, sometimes it’s not enough. Let’s not forget to listen to our bodies.

Here is a pic of Watson on a day when he felt great and was King of his toys (and our bed).

It’s early days yet, but let’s all make sure we’re taking care of ourselves as we’re caring for others at home.

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