Day 6, or Tuesday, right?

I thought it was Wednesday all morning. I have trouble with time under regular circumstances. This may become problematic, say, when I think it’s Sunday but it’s really Monday and I’ve missed a bunch of virtual meetings or phone calls.

Funny thing today. Five people, including my manager and his manager, heard Opal purring while on a call today. It was a good laugh for everyone, but pretty unexpected. I was working on the couch because Watson wasn’t feeling great and wanted to be held, which is hard to do at my desk. So he was beside me and Opal got up on the back of the couch, and sort of oozed onto my shoulders from there. Cats are infinitely expandable, you know. I had earbuds in to cut down on some of the house noise but Opal was so close the mic picked her up. She’s so LOUD.

I started a new book today, and I’m enjoying a Stella while I try to wind down. I’m more tired than I expected for having only left the house twice in the last six days. I’m always tired, but this feels different.

This is a video I took of Opal yesterday, on the bed in my office at home (also the guest room). You’ll want to turn the volume up. Apparently she’ll be the soundtrack for me and my colleagues.

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