My favorite leggings

I found several holes in my favorite leggings today. Forget about real pants when my “coworkers” here just plaster them with fur. Work was good, but I’m having trouble finding the motivation and concentration for some tasks, so they just keep moving from one to-do list to the next. I had to go out to CVS today for a prescription, but people kept their distance. Watson is getting some good walks in. He gets to decide the route and how many times to cross the street. He’s providing the most variety in our lives right now. We waved to a lot of people and shouted some hello!s too. The sun was warm today, and that felt so good.

I feel an immense sense of guilt. For having a job where I can work remotely in any circumstance. For still having a job. For having health insurance, such as it is. For having a home that is quiet enough in the day to work from and a backyard to get sun and fresh air in, and a supportive partner and safety. Because a lot of people started out without these things, and so many are starting to lose work and the benefits (if they had them at all) that go with them. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I can’t be a helper to those in need by running errands for them, because I shouldn’t even be running them for myself. I’m supporting local businesses as I can, and donating to the local organizations in place to help those in need, but I want to do so much more.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s that last bit I need to keep reminding myself of. Eventually things will get better.

2 thoughts on “My favorite leggings

  1. I feel all of this so much, Stephanie. The acknowledgement of my great good fortune, the fact that even with it, I’m going a bit mad and unable to get through any task that requires more than 15-minutes’ concentration. Wanting to help, knowing there’s only so much I can do. I really appreciate your writing the blog, makes me feel less isolated. Thank you, friend!

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