I almost missed posting today

I’m writing this on my phone in bed. Because today I hit my edge. I couldn’t even talk to M about where my mind was without weeping. And that was before 10 am. I pushed through and worked until mid afternoon and decided that pushing through wasn’t working. I’ve been doing it all week and my body is telling me in multiple unpleasant ways to stop.

So around 2:30something I connected with my manager and shut down for the day. I curled up on the couch with a heavy blanket and Sophie and Watson and napped and didn’t look at the news or Twitter or Facebook. I emailed with the Executive Director of my lovely little library and got a mailbox book delivery before they stop circulating books tomorrow evening. I walked Watson in the rain.

We made dinner and I had a delicious glass of wine and ordered hair ties that say “Depression lies.” Words to remember and my hair is now long enough to pull back so why not? They’ll come from the shop of Jenny Lawson, author of the The Blogess and several books, one of which is Furiously Happy, and I’m super late to the game on this but I love her.

So. Take that break when you need it. Work and life and the news will be there when you go back.

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