Coffee and the Food Network

I had strange dreams last night, and Miss Opal added to them by crying loudly and frequently throughout the night. I need to do come cleaning today and spend some time on the elliptical too. But I’m tired and having a hard time motivating myself so I’m on the couch with a cup of coffee, Opal and the Food Network.

I love cooking shows. While staying with my sister in November as she recovered from a surgery, we watched endless episodes of the Great British Bake Off. I am enamored with Ina Garten of The Barefoot Contessa and I love watching Giada De Laurentiis, especially when she’s cooking in Italy. I find cooking and baking in my own kitchen to be soothing and meditative so I suppose it’s no surprise I love watching other people cook and bake, too. One caveat though – no stressful competitions! That takes all the fun out of it. I don’t want more stress, especially now. The Great British Bake Off is the exception. The bakers that compete are so warm and kind and polite to one another. Watching them work together while they compete is a balm.

So here I am on a Sunday morning, trying to soothe my mind with the Food Network. This is how I’m caring for myself today. Before I clean and work out and make a big batch of baked chicken and rice for lunch for the week, I’m starting here on the couch with the Food Network.

I hope you’re finding ways to soothe your soul too.

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