It was a BIG weekend (social distance style)

  1. I went to the vet to try to return some dog food since we’re switching prescription foods (again) but they had closed early for the holiday weekend. Our vets office is situated on a divided highway, and the best place to turn around to go home is a Dunkin’s with a stop light. I thought to myself – DO IT STEPHANIE. So I went through the drive through, ordered two iced coffees and two chocolate frosted donuts and brought them home to share with M. They were as good as I needed them to be.
  2. We ran out of cat litter. So I placed an order at Target for pick-up. Then M and I drive over to the store and WENT INSIDE to pick it up. I went inside a store!
  3. We had beautiful weather this weekend. A colleague and friend came over to sit in the backyard, a safe distance apart, to have lunch together from a local Israeli restaurant. She is the first person I’ve seen outside of family (we dropped cookies off to sisters-in-law and M’s mom on Mother’s Day) since early March. It was so good to see her and to be outside together.
  4. I woke up this morning and made banana pecan muffins. I toasted the pecans before chopping them and adding them to the batter. I ate one still warm from the oven. It was divine.

There was napping and walking with Watson, too, and good meals with M. I’m pretty tired now – this is more interaction than my brain and body are used to at this point. But my cup is so full now. I hope you’re finding ways to fill yours, too.

One thought on “It was a BIG weekend (social distance style)

  1. That is a lot. In fact, it is the most. My husband has been mostly keto, which means I’m also walking that path for the most part. I’m not pandemic baking like many people assumed i’d be, so as to keep the temptation of things like banana bread and sourdough out of his reach. Our son has baked cookies twice, and it has smelled so good. I was hoping he’d bake this weekend.

    I’ve been to grocery stores, but I don’t think I’ve been in anything other than a Grocery store since …. March 19th. I am glad you had some time in meat space with another human. Saturday night I did that too, our neighbors invited us over to their patio for drinks, and we sat out by the fire pit for 2 hours chatting. It was so nice.

    yay for you on all these things!

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