Another New Year

2017 was a year. It was hard, frightening, sad, and anxiety inducing, with an undercurrent of love, hope, success and kindness. And here we are, the first day of 2018. Will it be more of the same? Probably. But I’m going to try so very, very hard to bring more attention to the love, hope, success, kindness and even joy in my life. I’ll be trying to do some of that here.

I spent a quiet morning drinking coffee in bed with the whole family – three cats, the dog and my partner. It was just what I needed. I’m heading into a few months of travel for work, and I’m savoring the time I have at home.

I hope you have the time and space to reset for the new year. Here’s to a very Happy New Year, from my strange little family to you and yours.

Watson and bear


I decided to visit my parents this weekend so that I could get some time in with them between holidays. Holidays are busy in general and with work I can get there for a night but then have to leave. Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch in my pajamas drinking coffee with them.

When I visit I sleep in my childhood bedroom. It has been redone since I moved out and it is light and airy and comfortable and the morning sun comes streaming through the windows. Somewhere around dawn I rolled over, covers pulled up to my chin, and watched the sun come up over the trees. I wish I hadn’t been so snug – I couldn’t bring myself to get up and take a picture. But it was beautiful. The house was still around me as I watched the light turn golden and the day begin.

And then I rolled over and went back to sleep.