I am visiting my parents for the weekend. I have not seen them since January. It was a LONG six months. We all took self-isolation and social distancing seriously and the places we live are part of the four states with steadily declining infection rates. It is so good to just BE here. We've spent … Continue reading Visiting


I am a list maker. Here is a list about this week. More than 30 hours of Teams, Slack and Zoom calls Today is my sisters birthday 67 page PowerPoint deck draft delivered, culminating months of work with a great group of people Up to chapter 11 with the nephews in The Mouse and the Motorcycle … Continue reading Lists

Day 20

How are you all holding up? I haven't been getting here to post every day, but some days just don't work. Yesterday didn't work from top to bottom. I went to check on a prescription refill I'd put in last week, and found out that my insurance company has to pre-approve an increase from 20mg … Continue reading Day 20