Scone bread, to fend off the chill

This past weekend was bitterly cold. Like below zero before the windchill could be factored in, and while we had power and a full tank of oil, the house got cold. By Sunday I decided the only thing to do was turn on the oven and bake.


I found a recipe from Food52 for Cinnamon Scone Bread, pulled out my pastry cutter and the marble rolling board that had been sitting in the cabinet for over a year. And it felt so good to read the recipe, find the ingredients, and break out some pastry skills. I hadn’t cut butter into flour in ages and finding the delicate line where flour and egg and milk just turn to dough, and then working it gently on the board was exactly what I needed.

scone bread top

It felt a little like coming home. And in a sense, it was a homecoming. The marble board was a gift from my Mom, and the Thanksgiving pies were rolled out on it for as long as I can remember, until it came to live with me. She and my sister were almost there with me, laughing and joking and reading the recipe wrong. When I was done, the house was warmer, the scent was heavenly, and it also happened to be Valentine’s Day. It turned out to be “one of the best things you’ve ever baked,” according to my Valentine.

scone bread sliced

Warm bread, warm home, warm heart.

Winter, Ended

Photo by Someguy of the Outerworld and Afar

Oh, what a winter it’s been. Though it was relatively warm here, with little snow and weather related hassle, it was a long, rough road. A lot has happened since December, much of it stressful, some of it scary and a few things occurring while I looked in another direction. Today, however, this first day of spring, has been lovely. I am well, and my family and friends are well, and I’m currently sitting on the couch flanked by cuddly kitties.

The kitties are especially happy since I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately. Not having a job will do that to a girl. I’m doing my best to be positive about this recent development and have started looking at it as the universe telling me I need a little time off. I haven’t had that in quite a while. I’m already interviewing and I know that everything is going to work out for the best. I suppose I’ll be here more often now, since I have an abundance of time on my hands. I also expect to rearrange some cabinets, clean out some closets and spend some time getting creative in the kitchen.

Really, though, I’ll be looking out for the next bit of alphabetic fate in my life.